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Explosion-proof temperature, humidity transmitter
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[HTX500] Explosion-proof temperature, humidity transmitter
· Certified to Regulations of intrinsic safety
· Provides measurement on 10 kinds of parameters such as dew point temperature, absolute humidity…… and so on
·An instrument for measuring the relative humidity and temperature in areas of explosion hazards due to dust or gas


Explosion-proof temperature, humidity transmitter


HTX500 series are complied with the terms of ATEX Regulations of intrinsic safety equipment

HTX500 series are designed in order to measure with a precision in the areas of explosion hazards, and able to measure temperature and humidity under explosion hazards such as gas, steam or dust (flammable items).

Applied Standards :
EN60079-11:2012   EN 60079-25:2010   EN60079-0:2012+A11:2013  EN60079-26:2015
Ex marking :
Transmitter : Ex ia IIC T4 Ga(Tamb=-40℃ to 60℃)
Transmitter : Ex ia IIIB T200℃ Da
Remote sensing probe : Ex ia IIC T2-T5 Ga(Tamb=see schedule)
Remote sensing probe : Ex ia IIIB T*** Da(Tamb=see schedule)
Entity parameters :
Ui = 28V, Ii = 100mA, Pi = 650mW, Ci = 5nF, Li = negligibly low
Ambient Temperature :
Transmitter without display : -40...+60℃
Transmitter with display : -20...+60℃
Remote sensing probe : -40...+180℃

Measuring range
(Output ranges)
-40…60℃ (wall mounting)
-40…180℃ (remote sensing probe)
Accuracy ±0.2℃ at +20℃
Over temperature range
sensor Pt100 RTD (DIN EN 60751, Class A)
Measuring(output) range 0…100%RH
Accuracy (including non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability)
At 15…30℃ ±2%RH (10…90%RH)
±3%RH (<10%RH, >90%RH)
Speed of response
(t90, at 20℃)
<20sec (mesh filter)
<40sec (sintered filter)
Operating voltage Vcc min = (10+RL*0.02)Vdc, Vcc max = 28Vdc
Electrical wiring Screw Terminals
Wire: AWG 15-24(1.65 ~ 0.2mm²)
It is recommended that cable end is fitted to fork-terminal
Cable glands M16, Cable diameter: 4-8mm
Operating temperature range Transmitter without display: -40…+60℃
Transmitter with display: -20…+60℃
Remote sensing probe: -40…+180℃
Storage temperature range -40…70℃
Material of probe Stainless steel (SUS 304)
Probe cable Teflon FEP
Material of housing Stainless steel (SUS 316)
Protection classification of housing Ip65
Size of housing 181 x 97 x 53 mm
Weight of housing 1.74kg (model: LCD type)

Analog Output Specification
Two analog outputs 2-wire 4…20mA
Accuracy Typ. ±0.05% F.S at 20℃
Road resistance RL ≤ (Vcc-10V) / 0.02A
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