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Air Compressor

[L700] L700 Series

FAN, PUMP as well as conveyor applications is also applicable to a wide range of
high-performance inverter

3-phase 200V class: 11 ~ 75kW
3-phase 400V class: 11 ~ 160kW


FAN, PUMP widely as possible to respond to applications as conveyor

1. startup torque 0.5Hz / 150% power operation

sensor-less vector control equipped with a constant torque can be applied to applications available power operation
* 90kW or more: 0.5Hz / 120%

2 . trip inhibition achieved stable operation

over-current and over-voltage suppression
DC BUS AVR function during deceleration

3. the parent device does not need to program operation function

Simple operation sequence realize
automatic operation for accelerating the load situations such as cranes or conveyors can also be
the parent device, peripheral it is possible to simplify the circuit and contributes to space savings in the control panel

built into inverter circuit around 4.

built-in noise reduction regenerative braking circuit (BRD) to the EMC noise filter generated by the inverter equipped with a standard
(less than 30kW)
micro surge voltage suppression

5. simple maintenance

simple structure with removable cooling fan, smoothing capacitor, the control terminal
maintenance more easy
and long life by adopting a component design life of 10 years realizing
the cooling oN / OFF control can be further extended to the life of the fan
condenser , the aging degree of the cooling fan, cooling fan motor and
can monitor the temperature rising
life warning improve the ease of maintenance by the signal

6. simple parameter setting

data comparison feature, the user selection, the default mode
easy operation the ability of such

7. network faithfully respond

Modbus-RTU as standard on the corresponding port
option can respond by DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, CC-Link board on the
Open network for possible

8. environmental consideration

EU RoHS Directive correspondence
in improving environmental performance

characteristics of Hitachi low-voltage inverter

1. trip faithful suppression
    overcurrent and overvoltage suppression by high starting torque and current control, with more than 0.5 Hz 200% driven
    by strengthening achieved a strong operating capabilities.
    ※ full-load operation when multiple non-inverter protection IGBT module damaged even if the output short-circuit functions
    employed (Hitachi patented)

2. input signal enhancement
    analog (current / voltage) to increase output monitor (AM / AMI terminal) to an emergency resolution It was equipped with a blocking function.
    Do not leave the built-in CPU (software) on the intelligent input terminals on the middle inverter output only hardware circuitry 
    can be blocked.

3. The program operation function

   to download the program to the inverter can be simplified sequence of operation and accelerator operation can be automatic, depending on load conditions
   can be simplified and the host device, a peripheral circuit.

4. The peripheral circuit built into inverter

   was EMC filter and built-in video core to the AC power input, and expanded the internal model of the regenerative braking circuit (BRD).
   (WJ200: full capacity, SJ700: 22Kw or less, L700: 30Kw or less)

5. Micro-surge voltage suppression function

   suppresses the motor terminal voltage control pwm by Hitachi's unique approach to the control pulse 2 times or less of the DC voltage.

6. Simple maintenance

   cooling fan, simple replacement of the smoothing capacitor and the maintenance can be simple wiring without a detachable screw terminal board
   even more easily.

7. Life diagnostics Jobs

   was adopted to realize the long-lived component design life of 10 years, temperatures, and cooling fan motor temperature rise by the lifetime diagnostics
   is life warning signals such as output.

8. The improvement in environmental performance

   within the substrate part of the varnish coating, plating the copper bar to the adoption of the standard has improved environmental resistance.

9. The global response
   suited to the world standards (CE, UL, C-UL ) , and you can respond to an open network of DeviceNet, Profibus etc.